Nyakatonzi grower’s co-operative union ltd (NGCU) formed since 1957 is a co-operative in processing and marketing of seeds (Maize, soya flower. Rice and Beans), milling edible oil of sunflower and cotton seeds and providing warehousing services to farmers of cotton, maize, beans, and rice under the frame work of warehouse receipt system. It is farmer owned cooperative enterprise.
Be a leading producer and exporter of high value agricultural produce for the benefit of her members.
Mission: To improve the livelihood of members through enabling them to produce, process quality agricultural products and access to competitive markets.
Basic values: In pursuit of the above vision and mission, NGCU concur in the values if international co-operative Alliance on self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, justice and solidarity based on the co-operation principles of:-
– voluntary and open membership
– democratic member control
– autonomy and independence
– education, training and information
– co-operation among co-operatives
– concern for the community
– economic member participation